Tell me a story – a Science story!

For most of us, Dan Brown’s latest intrigue-riddled bestseller is a thrilling piece of fiction — a series of engaging events creatively packed into a fast-paced mystery and action-laden page-turner. Pick any of your favourite writers for that matter: We read short stories and novels in the park on a [...]

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The Perfect Museum Experience

What annoys me most with museums is that, one way or another, they still all have this patronizing Renaissance feel despite all the efforts to make them modern and interactive. In my view, Museums: Are intimidating & accessible only to a very few. Offer an on-site experience only. Nothing before [...]

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7 Reasons Why Science and Communication Don’t Get On Very Well. And Why They’re All Wrong

It is often said that science and communication don’t mix well. Having a foot in both worlds, I can totally understand why. And disagree. (Animation based on Karim & Alan's presentation of this article at the Crastina Hub Unconference in Leuven in June 2016) Science vs Communication in [...]

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Papers with shorter titles likely to get more citations

A surprising correlation after mining 140,000 papers An article published in Nature on August 26, 2015 reports the results of a large analysis by Adrian Letchford and his colleagues at the University of Warwick, Coventry, England: they digged into the most cited 140,000 peer-reviewed papers published between and 2007 and 2013, and found that [...]

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