You have to reach out and engage your audience. We can help you getting started!

You are actually marketing already, all the time: Whether you are writing an abstract, preparing a Keynote, you need to convince an audience. You do not want the relentless work of your team to go unnoticed after so much effort.

And you probably have your own doubts: “Am I doing it right? How could I improve my communication?” Your academic training has not prepared you for marketing and communication. And yet, you are reading this page. You are probably looking for answers to your questions. You could not have come to a better place. We can help you show yourself in the best light!


Organizing ideas and telling interesting stories: this is what we do best.

We can also help you create exciting multimedia content for your website, your presentations and social media: scientific illustrations, infographics / data vizualization, photos, videos, by great professionals.

Consulting Services

“Sometimes, one needs a new perspective to find new solutions”

We help you define and carry out your strategy. Define the roadmap for your digital transformation, help you set-up a podcast, organize workshops with stakeholders who traditionnaly don’t interact (scientists and marketing teams for instance…), handle any other situation that requires a meticulous analysis, fresh ideas for new solutions, reliable recommandations, project/programme management management, or mere support in your approach to communication, we can help.

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Fact-checking (scientific proofreading)

Sadly, sharing fake or imprecise information can happen to anyone of us. Mistakes are common amongst our Species. And to add upon the confusion, the current era of fake news and alternative facts is definitely not helping.

In a scientific context, sharing distorted information is simply not acceptable. Not only is it contrary to the ethics of the trade, but it may also seriously damage the author’s credibility and weaken society’s trust toward scientists.

To make sure that the content of your articles, reports or scripts for videos or podcasts do not contain any mistakes, we provide a fact checking service.

It doesn’t matter whether the content is intended for a broad audience or a few experts in a specific field,  we meticulously proofread it before it makes it way to the outside world.

As trained scientists, we know where to find reliable sources: scientific papers, trustworthy websites and experts of the field. This is a way for you to remain a reliable and credible source, and gain serenity at the same time.

Web and Social Media

“The Web has changed everything. It is easier than ever to reach your audience. But you have to do it right!”

Never yet has it been easier for you to reach out and be heard. Nowadays,  you can assert who you are, show what you do, engage with your audience and inspire the entire planet. 24/7. We can help you achieve the following:

  • Audit of your website and recommendations
  • Website design & development
  • Communication plan: Editorial calendar, per message, target, and media
  • Follow-up / Support / E-marketing / Social Media
  • Communication on Social Media
  • Live-tweeting and live-sketching

Branding / Corporate Identity

“Let the world know who you are! Make sure you’re not only clearly identified by people but also loved by them. We can help you create a strong and affectionate link with your audience”

  • Brand Audit
  • Corporate Design / Corporate Identity
    • Consistent across all media & channels
    • Logo, colour chart, fonts
    • Signage
    • Brand policy & rules
  • (Re)Definition of your core message
    • Values
    • Brand personality
    • Keywords
    • Motto / Tagline
  • Positioning
  • Deliverables:
    • Audit Report
    • Graphic charter
    • Editorial charter
    • Guidelines Brand book / Brand manifesto

Does your image need a little help?

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exemple d'identité graphique : le café des sciences

(example of a visual identity redesign by Big Bang Science Communication, for the Café des sciences)

Media 2.0 Relations

Do you want to reach out to science bloggers, podcasters, youtubers and more?

Do you want to agree on a partnership, invite them to visit your lab or share your latest breakthoughs?

We identify the science communicators who best match your criteria, prepare a proposal and manage the relationship. We plan the event or the partnership together and make sure that everything unfolds smoothly.

As science communicators on the web ourselves and members of the Café des Sciences, we can definitely help you speak to the right people and help setup a win-win partnership. Our proposal will be fair and transparent for both parties.

exemple d'identité graphique : le café des sciences


“Why should you communicate? And how? How can you manage crisis situations?”

We help you answer the following questions: Deliverables :
  • Who are your audience? What are their expectations and habits?
  • Why should they listen to you?
  • What should you change to be heard?
  • How can you engage with your audience?
    • What message through which touchpoint?
  • What content should you create? On which media?
  • How can you measure your success?
    (Number of visits on the website, number of subscribers to the newsletter…)
  • Goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Communication Plan
  • Content Delivery Plan
  • Advertising Plan
  • Risk-list & Strategy for crisis communication?

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exemple d'identité graphique : le café des sciences